Grass-fed red meat, cultured butter, raw milk and pasture raised eggs

nourish |ˈnəri sh; ˈnə-ri sh | verb [ trans. ]

1 provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition

What food will nourish us?

We have all been told to eat fruits and vegetables. Yet, did you know that fruits and vegetables are not the most nutrient dense foods?

You may be surprised to read that we recommend that your diet regularly include some of the very foods we are commonly told not to eat: red meat, butter, eggs and raw milk as captured above.  These foods from grass-fed/pasture rasied sources will nourish you.  You might ask:

What about saturated fat and cholesterol?

We would assert that saturated fat and cholesterol are vital for optimal health.

In light of the vastly different dietary recommendations put forth, many of us are confused about what a healthy diet is.

Atkins Diet?
Zone Diet?
All Raw?
South Beach Diet?
Food Combining?
Blood Type Diet?
Metabolic Typing?
USDA Dietary Recommendations?

As Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation states:

“Today most people—even those within the conventional medical system—understand that what we eat has a bearing on our health.  The problem is that there are so many conflicting claims about what constitutes a healthy diet. Proponents of everything from a diet based on meat to all-raw veganism claim that theirs is the proven pathway to good health. Most of the diets listed here can be classified as “schemes,” thought up by men (sorry, guys!) who never had to put meals on the table, day after day, for a large family. When you are faced with the challenge of providing nutritious meals that everyone in your family will actually eat, and that you can afford, you cannot be bothered by preparing foods specifically for the blood type or metabolic type of individual family members!  All kidding aside, how are we to make sense of all these conflicting claims in order to choose a diet that works for ourselves and our families? And not only in this generation but in the generations to come. Good health has to do not only with how we feel today, but the health of the future generations we produce.”

Nourishing Ourselves is inspired by the Weston A. Price Foundation to teach the nutritional dietary wisdom of the healthy population groups that Dr. Weston A. Price discovered in the 1930’s.  We will launch and develop a website in the coming weeks and months ahead in order to answer this very question: what is a healthy diet?  Meanwhile, you can get a sense of the dietary recommendations we will focus on here:

Nourishing Ourselves has evolved out of the Nourishing Our Children educational initiative.  We are currently creating a dynamic presentation that will explain why many traditional foods now considered unhealthy are, in fact, vital to our well-being.  Stay tuned …