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Raine Saunders and I are together in my home in Portland this week completing Nourishing Ourselves’ educational materials, which will initially include a PowerPoint, study guide and e-book. We seek testimonials about how eating according to the dietary recommendations made by the Weston A. Price Foundation has positively contributed to your health on any level. We seek testimonials akin to the Nourished Family series we’ve published for Nourishing Our Children, except focused on adults.

If we use your testimonial in our educational materials or on our blog, we’ll email you all of Nourishing Ourselves’ and the digital versions of Nourishing Our Children’s educational materials.


Please submit your entry to sandrine@nourishingourselves.com before August 20, 2015. If we accept your entry, we’ll ask for photographs!


Nourishing Ourselves: Timeless Principles for Optimal Health in Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions will include:

  1. Introduction – Are we well-fed but malnourished?
  2. Dr. Price’s Research
  3. Nutritional Principles
  4. Common Dietary Misconceptions
  5. Healing Protocols
  6. Meal Plans
  7. Nourishing Mind, Spirit and Emotions
  8. Nourishing Movement
  9. Nourishing Ourselves at Home
  10. Aging Comfortably
  11. Conclusion
  12. It’s all worth it! Testimonials [This is where you come in!]
  13. Community Resources