The Vitamix, which is much more powerful than a blender, is a popular time saving appliance. Vitamix recipes are featured in the new online video class, Real Food for Busy People.

Here is a sneak peak preview of how to make soft serve ice cream and smoothies as part of the course.

What is it good for?

I asked those who follow our page on Facebook if they have one and how they use it.

Here are some responses:

“I just got one and I love it! Makes taking my liver easy when I mix it in to a morning smoothie. I’m really excited about the fact that it can do nut butters. I cannot wait to try out some crispy nut nut butters.” – Dawn Moore

“I’d love one, but I’m still using my hand-me-down blender that’s probably going on 40 years old for smoothies and other recipes. Here’s how I make my smoothies I also add grass-fed gelatin now too!” – Raine Saunders

“My Vitamix, now 7 years-old, is the backbone of my kitchen. I use it multiple times every day: breakfast smoothies, chopping nuts and vegetables, grinding grains, pureeing soups and raw liver (to include in with burger), making batters and nut butters, soft serve ice cream, whipping cream, making butter … I would seriously be lost without it.” Heather Chilton Wormsley.

Read Heather’s testimonial in our Nourished Families series: “If I can’t make it, we don’t eat it“.

Learn how to cook

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How do you use your Vitamix and what other appliances do you use to save time?