Illustration of "Thank You"

I have found that cultivating an attitude of gratitude 

results is one of the most profound ways I nourish myself on every level.  It changes my mindset, my emotional responses, the way I feel physically and spiritually.  When I am appreciative, life is seen and experienced through a very different lens.

The simple practice of keeping a gratitude journal, whereby one lists 10 items one is authentically grateful for each day can be transformative.  If you aren’t inclined to write it down, share your list with a friend, or simply reflect upon what 10 items would make it on the list.

Another practice is to list the most positive influences in one’s life and ensure those who are on the list know the impact they’ve had.

Here are some of the most positive influences in my life to date, which I recommend to others:

What is on your list?  What are you grateful for? Have you let those organizations and individuals know that they’ve had a positive influence?

Gratitude Journal

I invited and encourage you to keep a gratitude journal for one week, if you haven’t already and see how it nourishes you! Here is a Facebook community I am a part of The Attitude of Gratitude Project, that may inspire your expression of gratitiude.