Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate)

I endured a 24 hour headache a day ago and posted requests for natural remedies on Facebook both on my personal page and on the Nourishing Ourselves page.  I thought I’d share an overview of some of the recommendations I received!

  • Peppermint Essential Oil – recommend by several – Young Living in particular
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil – Young Living also recommended
  • Earthing – walking on the ground in bare feet or leather souled shoes.
  • Chicken broth
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Homepathy*
  • Epsom salt bath. We recommend these salts via our Amazon affiliation.
  • Magnesium. We recommend Ancient Minerals and Life-flo pure magnesium sprays via our Amazon affiliation.
  • An ice pack and a dark room. Ice on the back of the neck and the forehead. No loud noises or bright lights.
  • Sleep
  • Boswallia.  Along those lines: “Curimen is a natural product that has lots of turmeric and boswelia in it. When my husband worked at the health food store, they sold lots of this with great testimonials.”
  • Dr. Morter’s Trace Minerals in a glass of filtered water with a  1/4 to a 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt recommended via our Amazon affiliation

I didn’t try all the remedies suggested to me but, I used ice packs, took an Epsom salt bath, ConcenTrace (which is a full spectrum mineral formula which includes magnesium), drank homemade chicken broth, walked on beach for 45 minutes bare foot – earthing, and saw my acupuncturist Daniela Freda who applied peppermint oil and treated me with needles and moxibustion.  We believe this headache was hormonally based due to a very heavy menstrual flow.

After 24 hours, the first sign of relief came with the Epsom salt bath.  The ice didn’t really have an impact.  After the Epsom salt bath, I felt well enough to walk on the beach bare foot on a relatively warm day in San Francisco.  Tthe acupuncture appointment followed and after that … I was home free!

Apparently, each headache is different — and several who offered me advice suggested it is helpful to know what caused the headache, if at all possible, in order to treat it.

* One recommendation from Deborah Landowne was to take homeopathic cell salts.  Cell salts are usually sold in quick-dissolve tablet form in a 3x or 6x potency. We recommend these from Nigey Lennon via our Amazon affiliation.

  • Mag-phos for muscular aches (also good for menstrual cramps, pulled muscles), its nick-name is “homeopathic aspirin.”
  • Kali-phos for more nerve-type headaches, stress, lack of sleep.
  • Ferrum-phos if you feel a flu/cold coming on.

What recommendations have you tried successfully to add to our list?